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Travis Haines

“Digital Ministry: How We as Introverts can Start or Scale our Ministry in the Digital Space”

Travis Haines is an IT Director by day and a Christian blogger / Podcaster by calling. He loves being involved in his local church ministry as a youth leader and occasional guest speaker at his church's evening services.


Travis believes that every person has the ability to fulfill God’s calling in his or her life no matter how inadequate that person may feel. With years of struggling, trying to find out who he was as a Christian, Travis has finally found what he believes to be God's plan, and he now knows that being an introvert was an important piece of that plan.


Travis uses his writing and speaking as a way to reach and encourage others who might be struggling with the same things he struggled with as a Christian introvert.


He finds joy in teaching and guiding others in finding their way and realizing their purpose in this world. You can learn more about Travis at ChristianIntrovert.com

We are all called to have a ministry whether you know it yet or not.


As a Christian, we are commanded to spread the good news of Christ and speak boldly through his word. But how do we do that as an Introvert?


Well, one way is to take advantage of the technology we have today. We are more interconnected than ever and it is easier than ever to reach the world.


Whether you want to start a ministry or scale an existing one, I will teach you different strategies you can implement immediately to get your mission in front of the world and make a meaningful impact.


You will learn:

  • Why you need an online ministry

  • What are some different ways to put your ministry online

  • Things you can do if you don’t want to put yourself out there, and,

  • How to do all this and still stay true to your introverted self

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