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Tonya Carter

"Know Thyself"

Tonya Carter is a certified speaker, coach, & author who works with women to discover their voice, build themselves from the inside out, become leaders in their homes and discover their life's purpose.

Being a single mother of two, Tonya realized that she allowed her circumstances to hold her back from discovering her true life's purpose.


Experiencing divorced, five job losses in four years, unhealthy relationships, financial hardships, health setbacks and balancing single motherhood really took its toll mentally, emotionally, financially & physically. She decided to stop being the victim and become the
victor of her life and she wants the same for other women.


She also enjoys going back to the secondary schools to speak to high school girls about owning their success and recognizing that they were born with purpose. 

As a certified consultant, Tonya works with women to tap into their “genius.” Using their genius gives them the ability to live authentically and active their unique voice to excel in their relationships, homes, work and businesses.


She is the founder of ReInventU, which is a personal and professional community for women, and she facilitates an intense 3-month program called “Divorce Your Story” that walks women through the process of overcoming divorce and healing so they can thrive and become the best version of themselves.
Tonya is from Atlanta where she resides with her two children.

To connect more with Tonya, please visit her website at www.tonyacarter.com OR her social media (See links above)

How well do you know you?

Have you accepted you for who you are?

Do you feel misunderstood by others, which leaves you to question yourself?

Join Tonya as she discusses how knowing you will unleash your genius from the inside out to:

  1. Understanding your unique power

  2. Positioning yourself to utilizing your power

  3. How unleashing your power will help build healthy relationships with non-introverts.

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