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The Introverted Believer Conference

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Call For Speakers

What Are YOU Called to Say?

The Introverted Believer Conference is dedicated to empowering introverts, as they are, to reach success in their workplace, relationships, and faith community. 

Our Speakers will educate on the science and psychology behind personality fundamentals, encourage introverts through relatable stories, and equip conferees with practical applications they can begin using immediately.

IBCON Speakers will help conferees, provide a SOLID environment for everyone to find solidarity in their solitude.


Called to Speak?

Learn what conferees are expecting, read the suggested topics, and be informed on our speaker selection process.

Quid Pro Quo

What are the expectations of speakers and how are they recognized and rewarded?



You've decided to speak! We're delighted! Complete this speaker application by August 15, 2019. Invitations will go out by September 15, 2019.

Called to Speak?

The Introverted Believer Conference is committed to empowering introverts to embrace their God-given talents, quirks and traits for empowerment in their work, families, church and social relationships.

While they aren’t shivering in the corner, waiting for extroverts to take over, introverts often struggle to form surface relationships with the necessary swiftness that society seems to deem important for today’s collaborative, team-building, small-group environment.

Our job as speakers is to use a solid and educational understanding of Introversion and help people succeed where they are.

This conference should help introverts identify, recognize, and/or define the specific traits that make them introverts and help them connect these in their social environment.

Workshops should present topics that dig deeper than “tips and tricks” or “Five Ways to Fit in at Work.” When conferees leave, they need to have a heightened sense of who they are, the value their personality traits contribute to society, and a confidence in who they are in the Body of Christ. Introversion is not something to be fixed, treated, or altered, but instead, cherished and embraced as a gift.

This is an INTROVERTED BELIEVER conference. This means the focus is on personality type and valuing the gift as God-given. Conferees should not be preached to, as some may not necessarily be ‘believers.’ Conferees should be shown the love of Christ, but not talked at or down to.  They should hear your testimony or stories of how God has moved in your life, but these are not mini sermons.


Here are examples (not titles) of breakout sessions:

  • How each introvert type can best handle conflict.

  • How to Bullet Journal and why it matters to introverts

  • How to lead a project in an ocean of extroverts

  • How to evangelize when

  • Why are introverts so annoyed with people and how to work through it.

  • When solitude becomes unhealthy

  • Have a richer understanding of how to interact as an introvert in a social body of Christ.

  • Learn how to be heard in the crowd while staying true to who God made them to be.

  • Learn how to use the Bible to address any issue they face.

  • Be affirmed in the organized chaos of their mind.

  • How to use mind mapping to organize the chaos

  • How to better understand your extroverted friends in work, church, and other relationships



General Session Ideas

  • Difference between introvert, ambivert, social anxiety, etc.

  • Introverts and Highly Sensitive People

  • Know that Introversion is not a boundary to break through or a wound to heal, and instead, love and appreciate who they are without pride or selfish ambition.


We hope these suggested topics should trigger your imaginations!


Speakers will be chosen based on credentials, some of which include:

  • Knowledge of Personality Types, Current works 

  • Degree to which presentation meets felt needs of introverts

  • Submissions are based on research

  • Is true to the Conference Purpose Statement

  • Presents from or is respectful of a Christian World View

  • Is not duplicative with another submission

  • As the Selection Team is led

Quid Pro Quo

This is the inaugural launch of The Introverted Believer Conference. It means we work very hard at providing the best possible experience for conferees starting with a zero dollar budget. 

We know you work hard too. We appreciate the time and energy it takes to provide conferees in all walks of life with solid information, encouraging stories and practical applications. 

The Leadership Team at IBCON is proud to offer the following for each speaker in exchange for their services:

  • A speaker agreement to review. This will include the mutual exchange of work and value on behalf of the speaker and the conference.

  • Full access to the conference.

  • Speaker Welcome Dinner on Wednesday night.

  • Hotel Accommodations and all meals at the convention center

  • Transportation from the St. Louis International airport, if needed

  • Stipend of $300 for confirmed paid registration of 75 conferees, $450 for confirmed paid registration of 125 conferees, and $600 for confirmed paid registration of 250 conferees.

  • Space at the vendor fair to sell your books and wares (2 hour, one-evening event)

  • At least four social media posts featuring you as a speaker on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • One Blog Interview in the weeks leading up to the conference.

  • A speaker handbook (electronic)

*Please note, that this is for ONE speaker. If there is a duo or team, they are responsible for their own registration, accommodations, travel, etc. The stipend is also for ONE speaker.


In exchange for the above, the speaker will:

  • Present the same material twice during the conference, three times with confirmed paid registration of 125 or more conferees. Each breakout session is 50 minutes long. 

  • Attend the full conference.

  • Present their outline by the deadline

  • Present their materials prior to the conference (primarily to avoid duplication of materials)

  • Present their head shot and bio prior by the deadline.

  • Behave in a manner consistent with the conference purpose (as stated in the speaker agreement)

  • Share heartily on social media when prompted. Remember, the more conferees, the better the stipend!


Have a question? Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.