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The Introverted Believer Conference

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Effingham, Illinois 62401

Before you complete the Application:

We know you work hard to put together presentations that encourage, empower, and equip. We know you have tried and true speeches that receive rave reviews, however, this conference has a unique platform and in order to deliver on our promises on the ABOUT page, please consider the following:


  • Please read ALL the information on the SPEAKER PAGE. You increase your chances of landing a speaking engagement if you follow the guidelines.

  • Please do not submit a speech script or outline of a current speech without addressing how you will address the felt needs of Introverts.

  • Remember we are looking for authentic and practical workshop topics specific to helping Introverts understand their role at church, at work, and in relationships.

  • We are not looking for an outline of your current presentation with no application or though toward introverts. Our choices are evaluated based on what you submit, not how you will change your current presentation.

  • We are NOT looking for ways introverts can be more extraverted.

  • Speakers will be chosen by the leadership group as a team, and depending on the number of conferees, may be selected in rounds.


Speaking opportunities are limited and competition is tough, so provide an application and outline that shows you understand personalities, the struggles and joys that Introverts experience, and SOLID application of ways to be introverts can be successful in faith, at work, in relationships, and for daily encouragement. 


If you are unsure where to to begin, there are hundreds of articles describing current struggles of Introverts. We know you put a lot of time and effort into your talks and we want to give you a platform for what God has placed on your heart, however speakers will be chosen based on how they meet the guidelines. So, research, research, research, and pray. Then, get your application and outline in by August 15th.

Thank you for considering IBCON2020 as a platform for your speaking engagement. 

I am here to serve you, so please email me if you have any questions about the process. 

Love, Kass