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Matt Pavlik

“Journal Your Way to Hopeful Assurance”

Matt Pavlik is a licensed professional clinical counselor and is certified in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator ® assessment. He delivers God’s grace to individuals and couples at his private practice, New Reflections Counseling.


Matt’s books, To Identity and BeyondConfident Identity, and Marriage from Roots to Fruits, contain practical exercises that help God’s truth spring to life.


He writes about identity and emotional healing at his blog, ChristianConcepts.com. Matt and Georgette have been married since 1999 and live with their four children in Centerville, Ohio.

What do you hope for? You’ve probably said, “I hope it doesn’t rain” at least once in your life. That kind of hope only expresses uncertainty. Biblical hope is the assurance of a future event. Confidence in God’s words allows you to endure anything.

We’ll explore journaling as a method tailor-made for introverts to cultivate hopeful-assurance. If you’re out of touch with who God made you to be, you might be plagued with feeling “less”: useless, worthless, and hopeless. Journaling will help you find and accept your true identity.

As a counselor, I’ve seen my clients’ faces become brighter during an a-ha moment in our sessions. I’ve also seen their faces brighter after they return from a time of journaling. During their flashes of insight, various seemingly unrelated pieces of information come together giving them greater understanding.

Who you are as a whole person is greater than the sum of all your lost or broken parts.


Journaling helps you sum the pieces of who you are into a whole and builds self-awareness leading to understanding, purpose, and priceless hopeful-assurance.