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Kemi Sornimade

Kemi Sorinmade is a certified leadership trainer, speaker, and coach currently serving organizations and individuals in the area of personal and leadership development.


With over twenty years of experience in various engineering and Quality management roles, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a unique perspective to her clients.


In 2016 she gave a Tedx talk titled “Introverted Passion, Extroverted Success” where she shared her struggles growing up as an introvert and coming to a place of self-awareness and acceptance.


She teaches others how to embrace who they are, discover their strengths and through that make their impact.

“Raising Your Influence”

As an introvert, you may have had some difficulties navigating your workplace, your church, a networking event, or community you may be involved with, which as a result has hindered the progress you want to make.


You may have declined or overlooked opportunities to step into a leadership position or participate in an impactful cause because of your introverted nature.  In this workshop, Kemi will take you through the simple ways to raise your influence, drive better results and maximize your impact in any extroverted culture or environment you may find yourself in.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Attendees will learn the steps to accept who they are as introverts, rediscover their strengths and maximize those strengths to their advantage

2. Understand a fresh approach to leadership and apply the strategies to lead, influence and make an impact as an introvert

3. Learn how to discover and embrace other personalities and how to communicate and work with them successfully


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