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Kass Fogle

Award-winning author, speaker, and conference director, Kass Fogle is an introvert to her core. With social anxiety as her trusty side kick, she is the poster woman for awkward. She loves writing relatable stories that empower other introverts to live out their faith in their marriage, work, and friendships.

Kass is a formidable mind-mapper and list-maker and when she’s not journaling or making memories with her tight-knit group of girlfriends, she’s gathering blog content from her two teen-aged children, writing at the local coffee house or driving her extroverted husband crazy.

Kass attended her first writers conference in 2017. She had ten, poorly written chapters of her first novel she thought would land her an agent. 

God had other ideas. 

Throughout the entire Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, God kept whispering in her ear, "introvert guide." I still have my conference notebook with IG written all over . I had no idea what it meant, but I prayed for revelation and understanding.

Then, in June of 2018, I met with the strategic duo at Platinum Literary, and together we honed in my purpose: to help Introverts like myself, understand and use their unique God-given traits, quirks and talents to best serve in their marriages, work, faith and frienships.

From this purpose, it occurred to me that if this struggled fascinated me and compelled me to learn more, others might feel and need the same. Since then I have strived to create an environment on my blog and through this conference that will allow us to learn, love, and laugh in a way that won't overwhelm us.

Welcome to The Introverted Believer.

“You Can Take it With You”

You won't want to miss out on the last General Session. As tempted as you will be to get on the road early, this session will give you the closure introverts crave.

During the conference you will have the opportunity to play in the Mind Games. Solving puzzles, riddles, mind benders, word teasers, etc. through out the conference in an effort to win fabulous prizes, all to be given away at the last General Session on Saturday Morning.

Before the giveaways, I'll share some struggles and tips on how to take all you've learned with you in a way that won't leave you feeling frazzled.

Pray up, people. God will be moving in this place.

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Closing Session