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The Introverted Believer Conference

P.O. Box 175

Effingham, Illinois 62401


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So, What About the Believer Part? Is this a Christian Conference?

An Introverted Believer is one inclined to solitude with a firm conviction in their faith in Jesus Christ. It says so right on the T-Shirt. 😊

This is an Introvert Conference operated by Christ followers. What started as a small conference to help introverts wade their way through waves of socially heavy church environments, has grown into encouraging introverts in other areas of their life as well.

While not a ‘church’ conference, you will hear speakers discuss how God has moved in their life. While you will not be whacked in the head with a cross, you will be prayed over (and with, should you so choose), and hear transforming and encouraging messages.

This is an Introverted Believer conference and my purpose in this conference is to serve God. I believe He placed this idea on my heart and I believe He will guide it where it needs to go.

Everyone is welcome at the Introverted Believer Conference, but acknowledgement must be made that faith elements will be woven into the general and breakout sessions. 

Why Effingham? Where is it?

I searched major cities, minor cities, and major-minor cities to find a place with the space and amenities, convenience to highways and airports with a price point that would not bankrupt me. Conference Centers and hotels near airports with convenient shuttle services were at least twice as much as the Thelma Keller Convention Center in Effingham, Illinois. Additionally, when I published a survey around this time last year, 80% of respondents said they prefer to drive to conferences. 

Effingham is conveniently located at Highways 57 and 70 making access from St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Western Kentucky super easy. 

Times are rounded to the nearest fifteen minutes and are approximate to the downtown locations of each city. Use your favorite map to determine the best route and times for you.

Number of Hours to Effingham From:

Charleston, WV 7 Hours

Charlotte, NC 10 hours

Chicago: 3.25 Hours

Columbus: 5 Hours

De Moines: 6.25 Hours

Detroit: 6.5 Hours

Indianapolis: 3 Hours

Kansas City, Missouri 5 hours

Little Rock: 6.25 Hours

Memphis: 4.5 Hours

Milwaukee: 4.5 Hours

Nashville: 4.25

Pittsburgh: 7.5 hours

St. Louis: 1.75 Hours

Will this be live streamed? 

It is not live streamed. Budget, knowledge, connections, skills are only a few of the reasons why this will not be live streamed.

A Conference? Like, with people?

Yes. I know. And I'm an INTJ/ISTJ cross-over. Even weirder, I get it. But, if you checked out the ABOUT page, I hope what you'll get popping off the page is that I want you to take the journey with me to better understand how to serve people and love people. I want to dispel myths that we dislike people simply because we're introverted. Our propensity for patience is lower. Our tendency toward intolerance of meaningless conversation is lower, but our ability to love is STRONG. Our loyalty to those close to us rivals a mother bear and I want to learn, alongside of you, how to make it all work in His perfect harmony. THIS is Solidarity in our Solitude. I hope you'll join me!

What is The Blue Reception?

The Blue Reception is an amazing evening of entertainment with Skylar Rogers and The Blue Diamonds. The General Session room will transform into a Blues Club setting. We'll serve blue "mocktails", deck the decor in blue, have blue-themed snacks, and invite you to wear your favorite blue outfit. Wanna go all out - AWESOME. Wanna wear your favorite blue yoga pants - AWESOME. Whether you wear period clothing, a sassy dress or sweatpants, you will not be out of place. This is a low-key event that can be enjoyed individually, or with a small group of some new friends. 

The Blue Reception is a way to wind down toward the end of the conference. And it's all a part of your registration fee.