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Camille Jamerson

Camille Jamerson, (Known also as CDJ) is an expert fixer, creative branding mastermind and business growth strategist! Her experience from numerous C-suite level positions in Corporate America has honed her eye for perfection and her ear for innovation.

As the founder and CEO of CDJ & Associates, She has managed the brands and projects for political figures, public figures, musical artists, authors, churches, corporations and entrepreneurs. Camille is known throughout business circles as the Olivia Pope of the Midwest as she is also a crisis management expert. She graduated from Harvard University with certifications in business, management and leadership.


Camille is also the CEO and lifestylist for
The Camille Company, a lifestyle brand and education resource for entrepreneurs.

As a former international pageant Queen, Camille uniquely developed a keen gifting for capturing an audience and delivering a message. This season served as a springboard to her now international speaking platform that has taken her to stages in the London, Texas, Chicago,
Colorado, Tennessee, Michigan, Toronto and more!

Camille is also the published author of the award winning book, A Princess Cut Diamond: How to overcome your past and reign as a Princess in your God-given Kingdom.

She has served in ministry administratively for over 25 years in roles ranging from
Administration, to Music ministry to Performing Arts to Christian Education. Understanding the nuances of personality, tendencies, and traits of members and leaders became a personal passion to help ensure that each ministry had the right people in the right seats on "the bus."

Camille developed a heart for assisting believers to find and understand their place in ministry and in the marketplace regardless of their personality slant and thrive without abandon.

“We're just not that into you (or any other human): How to be confident in your ministry role, even if humans are involved”

Camille will unveil through humor, data, examples and even movies..how to view your introversion as a leadership GIFT to the body of Christ. 


In this session, we will also share how Christ managed humans when his introverted tendencies surfaced. I think we may even prove that Christ was indeed an INTROVERT!


We will equip you with key to find your place in ministry as I share my personal examples of the journey of becoming who I am versus who people assumed I was.


As a Pastor's daughter (yes, everything you heard about us is true) TRUST me you don't want to miss when I share my scars. You will leave empowered and changed by knowing who you are AND knowing who you are NOT.