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Anne Rulo

“Wired This Way: Exploring, Affirming and Advocating for Your Design”

Anne Rulo is an author, speaker, licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. She worked for fifteen years as a mental health therapist before switching directions to write and speak.


Anne chases God, dreams and the two young children she shares with her husband Tim. She is a football coach's wife in a small town which is a unique adventure for her introverted self.


Anne's writing and speaking are often received as authentic, relatable and maybe most importantly, humorous. For more from Anne go to www.annerulo.com

You know, people aren't born with an understanding of introversion and extroversion. As children, we just are who we are, right up until we realize we may not be quite like everyone else.


Awareness of personality types is often something that comes to us in a sort of "awakening" as we recognize our difference from others and learn ways to define them. Our design as introverted people is a beautiful, intentional choice by a loving God that is to be recognized and affirmed. When we identify and own our design with confidence we can become powerful advocates for the work God has chosen for us.

Anne's presentation, "Wired This Way", will have you laughing at her stories, nostalgic for your own, and warm in the company of others who share the similarities of an introverted personality. You will have a chance to reflect upon how introversion has marked your choices and behavior from your earliest days and how that may have rubbed you up against the expectations of an extroverted world.


We will talk a little bit about mental health, parenting, lifestyle and career and a whole lot about how you are incredible just as you are. It is Anne's hope that you will walk out of this session affirmed, confident and ready to advocate for your incredible design!

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