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Adam S. McHugh

“The Gift of Introverts”

Adam McHugh is a Presbyterian minister, speaker, retreat leader, spiritual director, and the author of Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture, which is in its 14th printing. He is also the author of The Listening Life, which won Christianity Today's Book of the Year award in Spiritual Formation and has been translated into several languages worldwide. 


Adam hails from Seattle, where he first discovered he was an introvert while writing angsty journal entries in rain-soaked coffeehouses. He later helped groups of introverted college students learn how to be leaders in Christian community without denying their introverted tendencies. He is particularly eager to demonstrate the gifts and the strengths that introverts have to contribute to others. 


Adam has been published in Psychology Today, The Washington Post, Quiet Revolution, Introvert, Dear, and The Huffington Post, and has been interviewed for The New York Times and USA Today. He is featured in Susan Cain's blockbuster book on introversion, Quiet. He was guest chaplain in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., offering the prayer of invocation to open the House's business for the day. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Claremont McKenna College, Adam now resides in Santa Ynez, California with his wife, Kate. He likes dogs, but is more of a cat person.    

What if introversion is a gift, not a curse? It's easy to stereotype about what introverts are NOT - we are not friendly, not energetic, not charismatic, not natural leaders.


But what if instead we talked about what we ARE: what gifts we bring, what strengths we have, and what we offer the people in our lives.


Perhaps it's time to stop apologizing for our temperaments and feeding all the introverted caricatures, and instead to proudly embrace who we are and the unique contributions we can make.

Keynote Speaker